Good Friday–And a Week Later

by Tammy on April 7, 2018

When we started getting serious about getting the house ready to sell, my Bible reading went by the wayside. It’s not that I didn’t have time in the evening to do it. It was more that I was mentally exhausted and just wanted to do something mindless to unwind. Of course not being in the Word is not good for me spiritually, so I knew I needed to do something. I decided to start listening to the Bible on It’s not ideal, but it is better than nothing and I can listen while I do something mindless on my computer (like play Bejeweled.) Things will not be settling down for at least another month, so at least this affords me the opportunity to stay in the Word without a lot of effort.

As you probably know, I’ve not attended church for some time. After I left the church I loved to join a church that would allow me to get a tuition discount at Midwestern (and then subsequently dropped out of the program), I just couldn’t stomach the thought of going back to a sub par church. I felt like I had burned the bridge to the one I loved when the family pastor saw me at Sam’s Club and totally ignored me. My suspicions were somewhat more confirmed when I ran into the women’s ministry director, who I had considered a friend, at Walmart and things were extremely awkward. We threw out the idea of getting together and I told her to let me know when would work, but I never heard from her. I still love the church, but I just don’t belong there anymore. On top of that, I have been planning to move for months, and I figured it was pointless to get invested in a church when I’d just be leaving in the near future. That is probably not the best way to approach it, and maybe it was just a bad excuse to not go to church, but now that the move is imminent (I am in Alabama and put an offer on a house that was accepted), I am thinking about where I want to go to church down here. When we were here in October we visited a Baptist church and it wasn’t too bad, but I think I might visit a few churches before I make a final decision. I do not think there are any reformed churches nearby, but I’m sure I’ll find one that is a good fit for me. I was praying this morning and I realized that I miss having a ministry. I do not know what God has in mind for me, but I know He wants me to have some sort of ministry. I guess once I get settled in here I can start focusing on that.

Well, a week has gone by since I started this post. We are now three weeks away from moving and I am still thinking about churches. I found one that I think I want to try. It is called First Baptist Church of Foley and is about ten or fifteen minutes from my house. I listened to a message online today and it was pretty good. There are two that are closer to my house, but I don’t think either one is a great fit. I guess I will find out in a few weeks.

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