God’s Faithfulness

by Tammy on February 1, 2018

I’d like to believe that I have a lot of faith in God. I look back over times in my life when I did not believe that God knew what He was doing, but for the most part, I’ve always trusted that He would work things out for my good and that usually, things would work out the way I wanted them to. And with very few exceptions, that has been the case. I confess that I almost lost my faith recently–well, not so much lost my faith as question God’s wisdom. To make a long story short, I have been wanting to move back down South for some time now. Off and on my husband has been on board with it, although he is less adventurous than I am and he frets about logistics. As a person of faith, I honestly believe that things always work out for the best.

Some time before Christmas, a job opened in the instructional design department at the university in Alabama where my husband works that was perfect for my daughter, who recently completed her masters degree in instructional design. I figured she would be a shoe-in. After all, she is the daughter of one of their own, a program director, in fact, she has the education, she was willing to move on her own dime, and it would have been the perfect opportunity for us to know exactly where we were moving and have a great excuse to do it. They finally got around to interviewing her three weeks ago today and told her that they would make their decision in a week or two. So we waited…and waited…and waited. Finally, on the Friday that marked the two week point we all but gave up. April was extremely disappointed and so was I. Not only was that job an answer to my prayer, but I genuinely wanted this for her. It was a great entry level position in which to garner the experience that every instructional design job calls for.

I tried to hold on to hope, but when Monday came and went, I resigned myself to the fact that it was over. Dan has a week of meetings down there the third week of February, right when April would have started the job, so he’d been holding off having them get his plane ticket in case he needed to help her move down. So yesterday, he finally contacted them to have them go ahead and get him scheduled. About six hours later, April called me and said, “You are never going to guess who just called me.” She had missed the call, but a lady from human resources had called to “follow up” with her about the job. Of course we thought she could have been calling to let her know she had not been chosen and naturally, April could not get a hold of her when she called back. So Dan sent her an email explaining that while he’d tried his best to keep his nose out of the whole process, he really needed to know if they were going to offer April the job because he only had twenty-four hours to cancel his plane ticket without penalty. A few minutes after that, April called me and told me that she had been offered the job! And that is not all–they offered her $6 an hour more than the starting salary! I was totally blown away. I honestly had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming since I’d had dreams that she got the job.

I am truly amazed at God’s faithfulness. He tested my faith for sure, and I almost failed the test, but after the two weeks had passed, I assured April that God had a plan and that it would all work out. I serve a mighty and awesome God. I know that he may not always answer my prayers exactly the way I want Him to, but I know that He is always faithful and will give me what I need, not necessarily what I want. In this case, he gave me what I want, and I am so thankful!

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