New Year’s Resolutions

by Tammy on December 30, 2017

Since we are less than two days away from the start of 2018, I thought I would address resolutions. I used to make New Year’s resolutions all the time when I was younger, but I never followed through. In fact, any successful attempt I have ever had at losing weight occurred in the autumn months. September seems to be the magic month for me, for some reason or another. Last year I decided to start eating right a couple of days before Christmas, but that turned out to not be a diet, it was a total lifestyle overhaul (although I did not realize it at the time). So this year, it is not on my resolution list to lose weight, but I do intend to continue on with my current lifestyle in order to maintain my health.

So if I make resolutions this year, will I follow through? If I’m honest, I’d have to say no. Why? Because the “new year” is only new for so long. After a couple of weeks or maybe a month or two, it become the “old year” and the old ways take over again. Good intentions are only intentions, after all, and usually we fall right back into our old ways because they are comfortable and easy. For a long time I was great about making time for prayer and Bible reading. I would set my alarm for 5:30 or 6:00am and drink a cup of coffee while reading and praying. It was a routine that somehow got disrupted at some point and to which I never made an earnest attempt to revive. Now I spend about the last five minutes before falling asleep offering up my last fruits to God. It makes me sad, but when I assess my life, I realize that I can only attribute it to laziness. After all, I find time to peruse Facebook every single day. I also find plenty of time to play games on my computer. These are things that in no way contribute to the Kingdom of God. How many opportunities have I missed to pray for my lost family members, or my health, or my future? Why is it so difficult to commit to something that I genuinely want to commit to? The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak. My flesh wants nothing to do with spiritual things. And perhaps that is because being in the presence of God is a terrifying thing for a sinful man.

Acknowledging His Holiness is frightening. One night as I was reading The Holiness of God, for a brief second I caught a glimpse of how terrifying “seeing” God would be. I literally felt scared. I can completely understand Isaiah’s reaction when he stood in God’s presence and saw His glory. He was on the verge of death before his lips were cleansed by the angel. No matter how righteous I am in my own strength, I cannot stand in God’s holy presence and not be terrified. So perhaps my flesh is trying to protect me from God. But I don’t think that is really the case. Honestly, I think I am just lazy and growing in righteousness takes a lot of effort. On top of that, who truly wants to give up his pet sins? There is comfort in the status quo (although I truly do like change, which is probably why I change my blog names and domains so often, lol).

I would like to make a resolution to rise early, drink a cup of hot tea, and spend at least a half an hour in God’s Word and presence every day. It would not be that difficult. So will I? That is something I am going to put on my list. In fact, that may be the ONLY thing I put on my list this year, because that is a huge commitment. There are other things I want to accomplish in the new year. I want to sell the house and move down south, especially with the weather we are having right now. I certainly don’t want to endure another winter in the Midwest. I want to excel in my studies. I am embarking on a doctoral degree journey starting on the 15th of January. My degree will be in educational leadership with an emphasis in health education, something I am passionate about. I want to continue to get healthier and help my husband get healthier as well. I want to use my time more wisely which will mean putting the games and, to some extent, Facebook aside. This is just the beginning of what I want to achieve in 2018.

I am hopeful that the excitement of the new year can carry me along at least far enough to where these desires become habits, but knowing me, it is a battle I will be fighting again next year at this time.

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Susan December 31, 2017 at 3:39 am

I think I found my words and I wrote about it at my blog. I do need to get healthier for sure. I pay the price when I ear poorly and this holiday season has got the best of me. I want to eat less meat and I need you to encourage me. RC Sproul, was he the Bible answer man? I use to hear him when I worked. I can relate to you about how I can play games and yet be to busy to make time to be with God. I need to make changes for sure! Happy New Year!


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