Hello, Friends

by Tammy on March 5, 2019

Hello, friends. Long time no see. I am sorry I haven’t come here to update recently. I just haven’t felt much like writing. I am doing OK, but I still struggle from time to time with the loss of Jasper. I’ll have a good stretch and then something happens to throw me back into a tailspin and I feel like I’m starting the grieving process all over again. The past couple of days have been pretty good after I had a meltdown on Sunday, but I now know better than to believe that things will only get better from here. It is just going to take time.

Bubo is doing well. He was really nippy a few days ago, but he’s calmed down some and is being pretty sweet now. He has been molting, so I think he just felt a bit grumpy. Avery is still being bossy, but I think with time that will calm down, and eventually, I think Bu will be the boss, just like Jasper was. That is the green cheek way.

Today is Fat Tuesday. I don’t really care much about Mardi Gras, but it is a floating holiday option at work, so I decided to take a vacation day yesterday and make this a four day weekend. It has been so nice to be away from the office for four days. I managed to get one of my papers written and I am going to try to get another one written today. Then I will only be one paper behind, but of course I have two due next Monday, so I really need to try to find some time to be productive this week to get completely caught up. Our weather has been so nice that I really haven’t felt much like being inside, but today is cold, so it’s a good day to work on a paper.

Yesterday April and I went to get pedicures and then to lunch. I took her to Picnic Beach and she really liked it. We both got a plant power bowl. I ordered mine without the vegan sausage and asked them to substitute more veggies. April got hers with the sausage and avocado. They have a really yummy sriracha bbq sauce that they serve with the sausage and since I didn’t order the sausage, they left it off and told me I could add it myself if I wanted it. It was delicious without the sauce and I saved myself a few calories.

Dan and I both got back on the wagon on Valentine’s Day. He has gained back most of his weight and I gained back about fifteen since last year, but I am still in the normal weight range. Dan is worried about his health, as he should be, but at first he would not commit to going back to being whole food plant based. I really wanted to, but it was difficult since he does the cooking now that I work. Anyway, something changed his mind and he asked if we could watch a video to get him motivated, so I put on Forks Over Knives and he was really impressed. Since that day, he has been very good. He was still eating peanut butter sandwiches, but he finally realized that although peanut butter is vegan, it is not conducive to weigh loss, so he’s gotten stricter. It will be good for him to drop the weight so that he does not have to worry about blood clots, cancer, and heart attacks anymore. It’s so sad to see so many young people so unhealthy. I saw where Luke Perry, who I am not familiar with although I have heard his name, died from a stroke. He was my age. I am guessing that drugs probably played a part, but if they didn’t, then he likely would still be alive if he’d eaten a healthier diet. When I see 85 year old plant based doctors thin and healthy and still traveling around the world sharing their message, it motivates me to stick with it. As long as I do, I think Dan will, too.

In closing, we put Hailey, our 18 year old dog, down on the 21st of February. After losing Jasper, it was not very hard to see her go, and honestly, I really do not even miss her all that much because she pretty much just ate, slept, and pooped and peed in my kitchen. She was deaf, almost blind, and couldn’t get up and down stairs anymore. He ears were always itchy and her joints were so stiff that she could not scratch herself. She also had lumps all over her body. They were benign fatty deposits and fluid filled lumps, but they were pretty atrocious looking. Her quality of life was pretty poor. I was sad, but I didn’t cry too much. She had a good long life and I had few tears left to shed. :-(

Well, I am off to get going on my next paper. I hope your week is off to a great start!

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