Inspection Report

by Tammy on March 18, 2018

I am very thankful that we only had to wait for twenty-four hours to find out what our buyers want fixed. There are three things on the list. One is to reconnect the water line on the refrigerator. The other two are a little more involved, but they are things we will hire done. The driveway and front step need to be mud jacked and the bathroom fans need to be vented to the outside. It will probably cost a couple of thousand dollars, but they could have asked for much more to be done, so I am happy. I also found out today that our buyers’ buyers are living in an apartment, so they do not have a house to sell, which makes their closing easy, which in turn should make our closing easier. It looks like I will be getting serious about packing in the next several weeks, because if all goes according to plan, we will be moving out at the end of April or very beginning of May–only about six weeks from now. I know it will go very quickly. I remember when my mom said something about going to see April in five weeks and now we are just one week away from going. Of course I had all the house stuff to keep me busy, but between packing and finishing up my classes this week and starting new classes on April 16th, I am sure the time will fly.

Yesterday we just completely relaxed. I wrote one of my case assignments that was due last week and today I am working on the other three papers, which need to be turned in by tomorrow. I asked for an extension and was given a week. I had to write discussion board posts on Friday, so this coming week will be busy. I have four papers and six discussion responses due buy March 26th. We fly out on March 27th around 11:00am and arrive in Pensacola a little after 4:00. I will have to write a couple of discussion board posts and a reflection paper that isn’t graded, so I will have a little work to do while I’m visiting April, but I can do that while she is at work. My mom and I plan to look at some houses while we are there too. I hope I can find something so that we won’t have to live in the camper for very long. Dan wants to take it to the local campground to make sure everything is working as it should be, but I can’t make a reservation because they don’t have their availability for 2018 on the webpage yet. I contacted the city via their Facebook page yesterday, but I am sure I won’t hear back until at least tomorrow.

The only other thing I think we need before the sale of our house is a done deal is the appraisal, and I haven’t heard anything about that yet. Our realtor doesn’t think there should be a problem getting it to appraise at the sale price, so it’s just a formality. At least we will not be chased out of our house again for that. I think the worst of it is over now.

Well, I am off to write some papers. I will check in again when I have something else to report.

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