January 2018

Plan B

January 28, 2018

We have thrown in the towel with regards to April getting the job at CSU, so we are now working on Plan B. I’m actually more ok with it than I thought I’d be. Honestly, my heart is set on living in Florida and now we have no reason not to plan for that. Yesterday […]

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No News

January 26, 2018

I’ve tried to come here to update a few times now, but have had little motivation to do so. I started my two doctoral classes on the 15th and am feeling just a bit stressed now that I have these and my biostats class on my plate. My module one assignments and all of my […]

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It Starts Tomorrow

January 14, 2018

Tomorrow I start my doctoral classes. It is always unreal to me how quickly time goes, but I’ve been saying that for years now. It seemed like it would take forever for January 15th to get here, but in just a few months I’ll be finishing up my first two classes. Thankfully, I finished my […]

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Things are Moving Along

January 8, 2018

I spent about an hour yesterday copying posts from my Faithfully Standing blog over here, so I will likely let that domain go once it expires. I only need one site, after all. I can have as many blogs here as I want. This is my personal blog. My main blog is going to focus […]

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