August 2018

Fantastic Weekend

August 25, 2018

I hope y’all are enjoying your weekend. Mine has been very nice so far. Yesterday after work I went with a work friend to have an early dinner, and then when I got home Dan and I met April and Ben at the beach. It was a beautiful evening! The waves were gentle and the […]

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August 20, 2018

Happy Monday! Hitting the status quo has been nice, but it makes it difficult to come here and post. Nothing too exciting happens anymore. I’ve settled into my job and I have a routine at home, so aside from trips to the beach and dinners out once in awhile, life is pretty dull; but believe […]

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More Fun and Progress

August 4, 2018

I made it to my three month anniversary at work. I had to fill out my 90 day review this past week, which was a bit unnerving. Ninety days on a job do not afford many opportunities to excel at anything since it is all spent learning new things, but I have taken on some […]

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