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by Tammy on January 26, 2018

I’ve tried to come here to update a few times now, but have had little motivation to do so. I started my two doctoral classes on the 15th and am feeling just a bit stressed now that I have these and my biostats class on my plate. My module one assignments and all of my biostats assignments are all due on Monday the 29th and although I feel I’ve been working hard, I still have assignments due in one of my doctoral classes and two more biostats assignments to complete. I’ll get everything done–I always do–but I hate having that weight on my shoulders. After Monday I will feel free indeed.

April has still not heard about the job, so I’ve pretty much given up hope that she was chosen. She is starting to look for jobs elsewhere and Dan and I are talking about moving to the Tampa/Orlando area again. We are both quite fed up with cold weather. I’ve not been outside to walk in weeks. Part of it is because of the cold, but part of it is also because my sciatica has been in full flare and it makes it hard to even stand sometimes. Honestly, I’m wondering if it is really sciatica now. I started a “potato” reset three weeks before Christmas and that is when I started experiencing pain. I have decided to cut out potatoes for a few weeks to see if it resolves. If it does, it means I have a sensitivity to nightshade vegetables. I’ll be really bummed if that is the case because potatoes are so easy and yummy. I suppose I can eat them occasionally, but probably not every day like I have been doing. Stay tuned.

Well, I guess I’d better get back to my assignment. Wish me luck!

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