Plan B

by Tammy on January 28, 2018

We have thrown in the towel with regards to April getting the job at CSU, so we are now working on Plan B. I’m actually more ok with it than I thought I’d be. Honestly, my heart is set on living in Florida and now we have no reason not to plan for that. Yesterday Dan and I went and rented a storage space so now we can start hauling excess stuff out of the house and get it ready to show. I FINALLY finished my biostats class yesterday. What a relief! Now I have just one assignment for my research methods class and then I’m finished for a couple of weeks. Well, not finished–I will have to work on reading and assignments, but at least my next deadline isn’t imminent. If I finish my assignment today I may start taking down my Christmas tree. Yes, I am very late in taking it down, but I figured since we would probably be renting a storage space I’d rather look at the tree than a pile of boxes sitting in my living room. After I get that down, it will be time to get serious about getting the house show-ready. I’m having a tough time getting Dan motivated to work on bigger things, but I’m sure that now that our March 1st deadline (self-imposed, but he did tell our realtor) is looming, he will start to get busy in the coming weeks. Unfortunately he has a trip to CSU toward the end of February, so that will be one less week we’ll have to work on things. I have a feeling the house won’t actually be ready until mid-March, but we’ll see.

Well, I guess I should get going on my last assignment and get my first module knocked out. Have a blessed Sunday!

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