Back to Plan A

by Tammy on February 1, 2018

April was offered the job in Alabama yesterday and they offered her $6 an hour more than the starting salary they quoted her before her interview. I am in disbelief. Truly, this all feels so surreal. She starts on February 21st, so Dan will be driving her down in two weeks to get her set up in an apartment. The timing is perfect because he has a meeting down there that same week. He had just booked his plane ticket this morning, so they had to quickly cancel it.

Of course this means that we will be moving to the Gulf Shores/Orange Beach area or just over the Florida border rather than to Tampa, but I am really ok with that. Southern Alabama is warmer than Nebraska. But now we really need to get serious about getting the house ready to sell. Dan and I have both been a little unmotivated the past couple of weeks, but now that he knows moving is truly imminent, he’ll get busy. Today is the 28th anniversary of our first date, so we will go to dinner and then stop at Lowe’s to look at carpet. We want to replace the hallway and stairs because it’s pretty worn. We also need to get busy on getting the clutter out of here. So much to do, but at least I’ve only got two classes to focus on now instead of three. I’m still shooting for having the house on the market by March 1st, but if it’s a week later than that, oh well. We’ll get there regardless. Dan won’t want to be away from April for too long, and neither will I.

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