Keeping Busy

by Tammy on February 21, 2018

The house is coming along. With Ben’s help, I finally finished the grout on Sunday. It’s still a little dingy in some places, but I think it’s presentable now. Since then I’ve accomplished quite a bit. We got Ben’s bathroom mostly clean and I took down and washed the blinds in my kitchen, rinsed the screen, and washed the window on the inside. I cleaned the blinds in my living room as best as I could without taking them down (because it’s a pain in the rear end to do so) and washed the windows inside. I vacuumed under my recliner and cleaned up the birds’ mess by the windows. They used to like to sit on top of the curtain rod and eat, but since we replaced it with a metal one, they don’t go up there anymore, so it should stay much cleaner. Yesterday I finally vacuumed April’s room. It is getting a little easier to go in there now, but it still makes me sad. I felt a little emotional yesterday. I guess I feel like I’m missing out on so much by being here while she is there. Dan is the one who got to see her apartment first and is helping her buy furniture and I’m stuck here not knowing what’s going on. It just makes me that much more eager to get the house sold and move down there.

I also sorted through all the coats, hats, and gloves in the coat closet yesterday and now I have two big garbage bags and a box full of stuff for the disabled vets to take on Friday. Ben and I also got some stuff done in the basement. He sorted through his Halloween stuff and I shredded a bunch of papers that have been sitting on the shredder for years. I discovered yesterday that trash is delayed a day because of President’s Day and I’m completely out of room in my recycle bin, so all my shredding went into a trash bag and I’m not sure if they will take it. My recycle bin will be nearly full again already just after they pick up tomorrow. I have a feeling they are not going to like me very much. The good thing about moving is that it does force me to purge junk.

Today my goal is to get stuff out to the garage and get my kitchen cleaned up again. Ben and I are going to lunch with my mom around noon and I really do need to start working on my papers that are due Monday. Right now I wish I wasn’t a student, but I’ll get things done.

Dan is starting to realize how difficult it is going to be to leave April and come back home. He keeps telling me that he is ready to hit the ground running just as soon as he gets back. I have a working list of the larger projects, so my goal is to get the cleaning and decluttering done before he gets home. I am confident that I should have everything in pretty good shape by next week.

April starts work today. She is pretty nervous, but I know she’ll do fine. She got to take a tour of an apartment like hers and she said it’s really nice. They were finishing laying new carpet for her yesterday and it’s all ready for her to move into today. After work they are going to unload the trailer and get her as settled in as they can. She probably won’t stay there until Thursday night. She is eager to get her cat settled into her new home. Living in a hotel is fun for awhile, but then you start to miss your stuff. Friday she will get her couch and chair and Tuesday she will get her internet and her washer and dryer. After that, I think Dan is planning to come home. He should be here either next Wednesday or Thursday. I’m hoping for Wednesday because I have work Thursday, but it will all depend on what time the deliveries happen on Tuesday.

I know this is such an exciting post (lol), but at the moment this move is all that is on my mind. I’ll just be so happy to have the house on the market in two weeks. If you think of me, please pray for a fast sale so that we can get moved soon and I can start focusing on something else.

Susan February 24, 2018 at 3:13 am

Hi Tammy, I enjoyed your detailed post and I am sure it helps you see all you are getting done. The time will go by quickly and you will be with April before you know it. I hope to blog Saturday evening. Hugs

Susan March 1, 2018 at 8:35 pm

Hi Tammy, how are things going? Is your house for sale now? Is Dan back? You back at school yet? Thinking about you. Hugs

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