Heading Back Home

by Tammy on April 3, 2018

In Gulf Shores it is 75° today, and back home it is only 33°. I am certainly not looking forward to going back home tomorrow because the weather is not supposed to improve in the near future. I work Thursday and Friday, so at least if it’s going to be crappy I will have something constructive to do indoors. After Friday I have no jobs scheduled and I am not sure I’ll take anymore jobs after that. It will really depend on how much I get done over the weekend. I have to start packing because the moving truck comes three weeks from tomorrow and we leave three weeks from Saturday. It’s hard to believe how quickly that time is coming. This week with April has gone so quickly that I just know the next three weeks will fly as well.

I also start my next set of classes on April 16th, so I will need to get started on those ASAP so I can get my first assignments finished before moving day. My first module is due the day we are set to arrive in Gulf Shores, so I will miss out on several working days since we’ll be packing up the truck and driving for three days during the week before. I’m not stressed about it, but I will be glad to have this part of the process behind me. We should be moving into our new home Mother’s Day weekend. That will be a nice Mother’s Day present for me.

Well, I didn’t finish this last night. Yesterday was April’s birthday so I took her out to dinner and then I was too tired to focus on writing when we got home. I am leaving for the airport in about an hour and a half. I am going from 70°to 30-something and a winter weather advisory. :( I hate to leave, but I have stuff to do, so at least I won’t be twiddling my thumbs. Dan got the motorcycle started yesterday and now he wants to keep it, so he has to build a crate to transport it on the truck. I don’t mind him keeping it since there is a lot of good riding weather down south compared to Nebraska.

I guess I should finish packing. Have a great week!

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