On Our Way

by Tammy on April 28, 2018

In two days we will begin our long journey south. It has been an exhausting couple of days. The truck came on Tuesday afternoon but we didn’t start loading until yesterday afternoon because Dan had to get the motorcycle loaded before he could start loading boxes. We spent a good portion of Tuesday just packing boxes. Yesterday Dan and Ben worked really hard until about 9:00 and were able to get the heaviest piece of furniture loaded, which is our armoire. Today they will load up the rest of the house and tomorrow I will clean. I still have a few more boxes to pack, but for the most part the house is all in boxes. It’s a cluttered mess, but it should start to take shape here fairly soon.

Ok, that was written on Thursday and it is now Saturday. We FINALLY got the house packed, emptied, and cleaned, but we didn’t finished and get on the road until almost 12:30 today. My goal was 8:00am but I was realistically guesstimating 9:00am, so I was way off. We still had quite a bit of cleaning to do and odds and ends to find places for. Life is extremely chaotic right now. I have no idea where anything is because I was just throwing stuff in boxes and bags and throwing them in my car and in the camper. Now it is after 11:00pm and I’m exhausted. We will wake up tomorrow and try to put some stuff away before we hit the road. I’m shooting for 10:00 tomorrow because we have about the same distance to drive; about eight hours. Monday will be a short day with only about four hours to drive, so once we get past tomorrow, it should be smooth sailing. If we got out of here at 10:00am tomorrow, we should get to Meridian, MS by around dinner time.

Oh, and I got good news a few days ago. We should be able to close on our new house on Tuesday. Our buyers will be closing on Friday and then the lender will wire our funds to the title company we are using in Alabama. I’ll be so happy to get settled in and get back into a routine.

Ok, I’m off to bed now. I’ll write after we get settled into the RV park in Alabama.

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