We Made It

by Tammy on May 1, 2018

Getting here was quite an adventure, but we finally made it to Gulf Shores yesterday afternoon around 2:00. We had beautiful driving weather all three days. There was not a cloud in the sky and the winds were light, which made pulling the camper easy for Dan. Unfortunately, the camper misbehaved in other ways. The first thing that happened was operator error. The boys were in and out of the camper during a gas stop and then Dan drove off to let the dogs out in a grassy area without putting them up, so they got bent on something and he now has to unbend them and put in a new bolt. Then, when we were about 45 minutes from Meridian, MS, the gray tank came loose from its mount and Dan had to pull over and shore it down before we could continue on. We drove 50 MPH the rest of the way, so we arrived after the office at the RV park closed. It all worked out ok. Dan was really mad and coupled with all the general stress of moving, I think he was at his wits end, but after a few shots of Fireball and a few minutes to gain some perspective, he felt better. At first he thought it was the black (or poop tank) that dropped, so when he found out it was the gray tank, he felt better, although his preference would have been for neither to drop, of course. We can use the toilet, but we have to shower at the campground showers. It’s only for another week, though, and the camper is still under warranty, so it will be fixed free of charge.

Fortunately yesterday was uneventful except for our car panic horns going off a few times. I have no idea what was going on. After we got those turned off and got the camper set up, we went to get April for dinner and then went to the beach. Ben was so happy to see the ocean again. After that we took Emma to see April’s kitty. They were good friends before April left, but Mimi decided she doesn’t like Emma anymore. I don’t think Emma cares, but it made April a little sad.

Last night I had to reply to discussion boards and submit a paper, but I was so tired that I couldn’t focus. I did my best under the circumstances, though, and today I need to start working on my late paper and think about next week’s assignments. I also need to start mentally preparing for going back to work full-time starting tomorrow. Dan also has to go to CSU for a ceremony for the new president, so Ben will have to pet-sit in the camper. He is staying with April this week because living in this small camper with 3 dogs, 2 birds, and 3 people is pretty cramped. I am sure this week will fly by, though, especially since I have work and school to worry about. I’ll write again later this week.

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