by Tammy on May 14, 2018

We spent most of the weekend unpacking and putting stuff away, but the house still isn’t put together. It is a long and grueling process! I also did not get my papers written, so I had to ask for an extension on one of them. I am going to try to get one written tonight after work. I got a start on it, so I think I can do it.

Yesterday we went to Lowe’s and bought a patio set and Dan put it together. We ate dinner on the back porch and then a storm blew through and knocked out our power. It was only out for a couple of hours though. At least it was still light outside.

It is going to be another hot day, but we are supposed to have rain most of the week, and that will cool things down. So far I am really enjoying my neighborhood. Our neighbors seem very nice and we have a cute little park-like common area with a lake not far from our house. The dogs will love it. I will take pictures after I get everything put together.

OK, I’m off to get ready for work now.

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