Getting Settled and Becoming Residents

by Tammy on May 24, 2018

I probably won’t get this post finished before I have to go in and get ready for work, but I can get a good start. Slowly but surely we are settling in. The house is mostly put together now. I still have to hang pictures and put my Precious Moments in the curio cabinets, but almost all of the boxes have been emptied, and Dan even got the garage cleaned out so I could park in there. On Tuesday morning we got to the DMV at 7:00 to get our licenses. They opened at 8:00 and we were second in line. We got finished by around 9:00 and I got to work at 9:15, so I had an hour and fifteen minutes to make up. I’ve made up all but fifteen of those minutes already, so I will stay late tonight and then I’ll be done. I still have to work on getting the titles sent over to the state. Dummy me forgot to bring our registrations, so I didn’t have our VIN numbers. The lady gave me letters to fill out and I just need to fax them to my lien holders. I will work on that today.

Yesterday after work we went to the beach. It was a great night to be there. We arrived while the seagulls were feeding, which was fun to watch. We left right after sunset and got home just as it started pouring rain. We are supposed to have a tropical storm this weekend, so I guess I’ll get lots of school work done.

Tomorrow at work we get to turn the phones off at 10:00 A.M. and have a Memorial Day party called the “Spring Fling.” Unfortunately, it will likely be raining, so we will probably be stuck inside and they won’t be able to have the volley ball tournament that everyone is so looking forward to. They will have board games set up inside and I’m sure a lot of people will just sit around and talk.

Well, I should go in and get ready for work now. I love living about four minutes away. A lot of people drive a half an hour or more, and I sure do not envy them.

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