Happiness and Joy

by Tammy on June 3, 2018

Last night I was sitting on my back porch enjoying the evening and my new pineapple solar lights when April called to ask me a question. We chatted for nearly an hour. It was awesome. As we talked about a variety of things, it dawned on me that for the first time in years, I am not striving after something. I am actually content and happy. Yeah, there are things I want, but by that I mean a bird bath for my back yard and some decorations for my back porch to make it more of an extension of my house, since I spend so much time out there. But all-in-all, I feel like I can finally relax and just enjoy life. What a wonderful feeling!

I found a church that I want to try, but it will have to wait until next weekend. I was going to go today, but I had forgotten that Dan is going out of town shortly, so I figured it would not be a good week to go since there is no way I would have been able to convince him to go with me. Plus I figured he might need me to help him get ready. So far he has only asked me to do a couple of things. He will be back on Tuesday night late, so it’s just a short trip, but it will give me a chance to get some cleaning done around here today. Yesterday I finished getting all the junk off my back porch, I swept it off, and I laid down the rug we used outside of our camper. I also hung a few pictures and I ordered a beach themed picture to go on the big wall. I need Dan or Ben to finish fixing up my fairy lights and I need a bracket hung so I can hang my Scentsy warmer, and then aside from adding some greenery and maybe a small table and chairs, that will be finished. I might redo some of the decor, too, to make it more “beachy.” I will do that slowly, though. I think I will focus on pelicans, because they are definitely my favorite shore birds.

After Dan leaves I’m also going to work on an overdue paper. I am having such a hard time getting caught up and an even harder time caring. I am reevaluating my school plans, to be honest. I started this program when I was looking for a career. Now I think I’ve found one, and I don’t need the degree to progress. The only advantage to completing it, at least at this point, would be to be called “dr.” I’ve been thinking a lot about it and I am having a hard time committing to continuing, but I’m having an equally hard time committing to quitting. I need to make a decision in the next few weeks, because classes start up again at the beginning of July and I’ll need to get registered if I elect to continue. Part of me would like to just enjoy the summer and read for fun. I’ve been going to school since 2014 and I actually am kind of “schooled out.” It’s even more apparent now that I’m so far behind and don’t even really care. :-(

Another thing I want to do now that life is settling down is get back to eating my healthy vegan diet. I really got off track when we put the house on the market and have not had the fortitude to get back on track. But I started again today. I made my black bean, corn, and tomato mixture to put on baked potatoes and I air fried a few potatoes for lunch. Tonight I think I’ll make stir fry. I don’t have any brown rice (I found that some of my food disappeared in the move), but I do have some jasmine and another kind. I also have a quinoa mix that I can make up. I just need a few days of eating right to get back on track. If I plan for this week, I should be good.

Well, I suppose that I should probably work on my paper. I really want to get it submitted tonight. Here’s hoping!

Susan June 3, 2018 at 8:06 pm

Hi Tammy, I think you deserve a break at least for the summer. Enjoy the beach and your new home and spend quiet time. I think you are looking it with truth, do you really want the Dr. title? Maybe a modified Vegan diet? I could never give up meat. I only eat red meat about once a week and chicken most of the time. I still want to see pictures please. :)

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