Where Did Today Go?

by Tammy on June 16, 2018

It’s already 7:30 p.m. and it feels like I just woke up a few hours ago. I did sleep in until almost 7:00 a.m. today and then I had a hair appointment at 10:00 a.m. Three and a half hours later I was finally walking out the door. That girl was a Chatty Cathy and she took here sweet Southern time, lol, but I really enjoyed my time with her, so I wasn’t upset. I had to go to the grocery store after that and when I got home, Dan was fixing the fan in the birds’ room. He also hung the new blinds that came earlier this week and he found my missing box of non-perishable foods in the back of his truck. I spent a good chunk of time cleaning the kitchen and cooking. I made Ben some black beans and rice because he really likes them and I made some hummingbird food. I’ve not seen any hummers yet, but of course I’m not home a whole lot. I hope they find my feeder and come to visit.

There are still a few more projects to do and I really need to do some more cleaning, but there just are not enough hours in the day. Tomorrow is Father’s Day so I probably won’t get much done–plus, I want to try a church. I’ve been wanting to find a church for weeks, but it’s just not worked out. Last week I was glued to my chair getting caught up on school and the week before that, Dan was going out of town on Sunday afternoon. So tomorrow I am going to try really hard to go. Dan wants to mow tomorrow and then April will come over in the afternoon and we will have a barbecue. I bought veggie shish kabobs and some fresh sweet corn. I am also going to make a vegan macaroni salad, which I probably should do tonight so it’s nice and cold tomorrow. I seem to be missing a lot of my glass storage containers, though, so I’m not sure I’ll have a way to store it in the fridge. I have a feeling they got packed away in the attic, so I will need to go up there soon and see what I can find. I probably packed them away because I don’t have a lot of cabinet space in my kitchen.

I realized awhile ago that one year ago today was the tornado that ripped through our neighborhood in Bellevue. That was quite an evening. The aftermath was crazy for months. I sure am glad that it was a weak tornado. I remember standing in my kitchen watching the trees bend sideways and then seeing one fall. It didn’t even occur to me at the time that it was a tornado. I’d lived in the Midwest my entire life and never seen one, so that one could hit my safe little neighborhood was unfathomable. That is a night I will never forget.

Well, it is now 9:15 p.m. and I am feeling a bit sleepy, so I am going to end this. I hope y’all have a blessed Sunday and new week ahead! <3

Lori June 21, 2018 at 5:41 pm

Hi Tammy! I love the South! I would have enjoyed being around a southerner like that too. Glad you had fun.
Were you able to find a church? I have been watching Life.Church…Pastor Craig Groeschel on Saturday nights. He is really good. I also caught Hillsong last Saturday night.
You know, I have never “seen” a tornado, but we have had plenty fly over our house. I hate them.
Hope it has been a great week for you! Have a nice weekend! ((BIG HUGS))!!!

Lori June 21, 2018 at 5:43 pm

Oh by the way…I caught Hillsong on facebook, that is how I watched it and I have an app on our tv that we watch Life.Church, but I believe you can Live Stream over the computer it or catch it on facebook as well. I stream it to my tv. Just so you know. :)

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