by Tammy on August 20, 2018

Happy Monday! Hitting the status quo has been nice, but it makes it difficult to come here and post. Nothing too exciting happens anymore. I’ve settled into my job and I have a routine at home, so aside from trips to the beach and dinners out once in awhile, life is pretty dull; but believe me, I am NOT complaining. I was ready for a routine.

There are still out-of-the-ordinary things that happen once in awhile. Things finally settled down enough so that I was able to find a church. It is called Oyster Bay Baptist Church. I tried three different churches (four if you count the one we attended when we were on vacation last October) before settling on Oyster Bay. Dan came with me this past Sunday, much to my surprise. He has actually been quite wonderful since we settled in. He cleans the kitchen every day before I get home from work and he’s even offered to start cooking dinner again. We are finally settled in enough to start thinking about getting healthy. Today was my first day of being really good, so now if I can string together a couple of weeks worth of good days, I’ll be in business. I have gotten to the point where my pants are a bit tight now, so unless I do something, I’ll have to buy a new fall wardrobe. Sorry, not interested! I will miss our weekly trips to Habaneros for dinner and margaritas, but I’ll get over it.

This past Friday there was blood drive at work and April and I both donated. Today I found out that I won a prize. It was no big deal–just a mug and a buy-one-get-one round of miniature golf at the Wharf, but it’s better than nothing. Life South, the blood collection agency, always gives us t-shirts. I have two now. I suppose I’ll have quite a collection if I donate every quarter.

My mom was in the hospital last week. She had a really bad sciatic flare and went to the ER. When they ran blood tests, they discovered that her sodium was dangerously low. They kept her for three days trying to get it up. I’m kind of angry that they told her to eat a bunch of processed meats from now on, considering that processed meats are a known carcinogen. They may as well have told her to smoke a pack of cigarettes a day. Anyway, she is feeling better now, and my brother took very good care of her.

I hope you all have a great week!

Lori August 21, 2018 at 7:01 pm

Hi Tammy! I know the past coupe of years I felt the same about routine, but right now I am wishing I was in a routine and there wasn’t so much going on for me to be thinking about…mostly with Josh. I think you will find as you blog you are doing much more than you think.
I am glad your mom is doing better. I do not trust doctors sometimes. You really have to be careful.
Congratulations on winning a prize! That is awesome. Mini golf is super fun!
Good luck with your eating healthier diet! I hope it goes well for you!
Have a nice week! ((BIG HUGS))!!

Susan August 23, 2018 at 11:03 pm

Sorry about your mom. I guess that want her salt intake to go up by processed meats are really bad, especially for the liver. How old is your mom? I am trying to eat better. I decided I do not want to take the medicine they gave me for osteoporosis. Just to many side effects like loss of jaw bone and jaw pain. I need to talk to my dentist. Just wish I would have taken things more serious when I got the osteopenia diagnosis. I miss our chats but it is harder now that you are working. Glad that things are working out for you and Dan! Hugs

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