Happy Fall Y’all!

by Tammy on September 21, 2018

Happy Autumnal Equinox Eve, or as they say in the South, happy fall y’all, lol. Tomorrow is the first day of fall, but our weather won’t change much for awhile. Well, things are cooling down slightly. This past week we had heat indexes in the triple digits, but we are now cooling down to the mid-80s. Fall in the South, lol. Yesterday my car thermometer said it was 114° when I left work. It wasn’t really that hot and the temperature started dropping when I got out of the sun, but it was in the low 90s. When the weathermen say fall air is moving in, everyone gets excited, but I’m like, NOOOOOOOOO! I have so enjoyed the warm days and nights, and I am not ready for that to end at all. Truthfully, though, people get excited when the temps drop to the mid-80s and the humidity subsides some because that is fall in the South, and I guess I can live with that. It will get chilly in January and February, but I can handle a little cold-ish weather. It’s the months on end of brown, dead, cold, snowy, windy crud that got on my nerves. Three or four weeks of chilly weather is doable, although once the New Year starts, I’ll be ready for summer again. I have always been that way and I doubt it will change.

This weekend, my final big assignments are due in my fifth doctoral class. I will have a reflection paper and a discussion board due next week, but I can get those done in a day. I am looking forward to having a couple of weeks off of worrying about writing papers. Classes start again mid-October, so in the meantime I might try to get out and do some fall yard work. Dan and I walked through the neighborhood last night (I got the diet under control, so now I want to add in exercise) and I noticed that a lot of people have really nice lawns in spite of having sand for soil. So I want to see what I can do to de-weed and make the grass greener. We inherited a pretty poorly kept property. The inside of the house is nice, but the outside leaves a lot to be desired. Hopefully by next summer it will look beautiful.

This week at work was the first week in a long time that was just a work week. It seems like lately there has been something goofy happening almost every week. A couple of weeks ago we had a health fair and before that Gordon hit, so we had short days on Tuesday and Wednesday after we’d already had Monday off for Labor Day. In spite of the time off, it felt like a really long week. CSU is really good about breaking the monotony. They have parties for the staff at fairly regular intervals (Spring Fling was right before Memorial Day and there will be a Fall Bash right before Thanksgiving, and shortly after that will be a nice Christmas party), and they provide opportunities for us to get away from our desks and attend sort of fun meetings. Next Wednesday is something called Knowledge Share, where a department takes an hour and a half to explain exactly what they do. Those occur about once a month. They also have leadership training sessions and various other activities now and then. My next day off work won’t be until Veteran’s Day, though. CSU offers three floating holidays, and we are allowed to choose one: Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Mardi Gras, and Veteran’s Day. Since I wasn’t working at CSU for the others, Veteran’s Day is the only floater left. Next year I will probably take Mardi Gras off; not because I celebrate, but because that is the big one that most people take.

Tonight we went to the beach and walked. The neighborhood is ok, but the beach is much nicer to walk on. The surf was rough tonight, but it was very pleasant weather-wise and we watched the sun set. It is working its way south, and in a month or so it will be setting over the Gulf. I will probably spend every weekend down at the beach watching the sun set over the water; at least until it gets too cold to go. It’s such a relaxing place. I’m so happy to be able to get there as often as I do.

Tomorrow I may go shoe shopping with April. I was contemplating buying some winter dresses, but if I manage to lose the weight I’ve put on since March, I will be able to wear my pants again, lol. I wear dresses every day because I refuse to buy bigger pants. I got rid of all my larger pants as incentive to never put weight on again, but that kind of backfired on me. I have found my stride again in my vegan diet and I’ve also been intermittent fasting. Today my feeding window was from noon until right before 5:00pm. I originally was going to do an eight-hour feeding window, but now that I’m eating healthy, I don’t feel as hungry, so I then decided to do about seven hours. Now I’m thinking about graduating to six hours. Since I normally don’t get off work until 5:00pm, I need until 6:00pm to get my dinner, so noon to six seems reasonable.

I just realized that I fibbed–we did have a special activity this week. Tuesday was Taco Tuesday and our department had a taco bar. I made my vegan taco “meat,” and it was a hit. Several people asked me for the recipe. I always break my fast with veggies, so I had my carrots and hummus before I dug into the tacos. Having some vegan options was great. My friend Billie, whom I have a lot in common with, eats pretty healthy, too, and she brought black beans that kind of became refried-like, so I ate those with my “meat,” along with some spinach, tomatoes, salsa, and onions on tostada shells. It was pretty yummy. Next Wednesday is our Team Lunch at Applebees, and several people in the department are going, but it’s not my favorite place, so I opted out.

Well, I didn’t realize that I had so much to say tonight, but this is getting really long, so I am going to wrap this post up. I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend! <3

Susan September 22, 2018 at 9:39 pm

Hi Tammy, I wish I lived closer to the beach. Your weather sounds like our weather except we don’t get the high humidity. I had lost my middle, but since I went with Joanie, I have gained 2 pounds back all in the middle! But at least my face is not so thin. I am trying to get as much calcium as I can with food. I added pictures to my blog. Come and visit. Have a nice weekend! Hugs

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