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by Tammy on October 9, 2018

Hello! Sorry I’ve been MIA. Days and weeks just fly by, and I feel like by the time I get home from work, eat dinner, and take a walk, it’s time for bed. I need to make this a quick post because it’s already after 7:00 p.m. and I still need to walk and take a shower before bed. I was kind of hoping that work would be cancelled or at least postponed a bit tomorrow because of Hurricane Michael, but it’s going to hit well east of us, so we will feel very little impact. I would love some rain, but I am thankful that the brunt of the wind and nasty stuff is nowhere near us. I would hate to see my beach in shambles. But anyway, that means that I need to be ready to go to work at regular time tomorrow morning.

I am still enjoying my job. I feel like I have a pretty good handle on things overall. When I make a mistake, I confess it, which is something that has always been difficult for me. Today I told a student the wrong thing and when I found out I was wrong, I emailed her right away to let her know. I also found an error I made on a student’s paper and I emailed him to let him know. It was no big deal, but it was the right thing to do.

Working sure does make the time go fast. I realized today that I need to start seriously thinking about Thanksgiving dinner. I cannot even remember what I cooked last year. April told me today that she wants some traditional food. She implied that she wants a turkey, but I told her that she would have to cook it. She then sort of settled for a Tofurkey, lol. I told her I’d make my awesome stuffing with sausage and she suggested that we find a vegan substitute. I told her I’d start planning.

CSU’s graduation is next Friday, and the open house is next Thursday. I am working a couple of hours at the open house and then I am going to help students get their regalia on on Friday morning. This will be the first graduation I’ve worked at, but I’ve attended several as a guest. There are over 700 graduates participating in the ceremony. I will not have to stay for the ceremony–I get to leave around 10:00 a.m. and head back to work. After we get that out of the way, I can start looking forward to some days off. I get to take Veteran’s Day off and then two weeks later I get three days off for Thanksgiving. After that, I get another three days off for Christmas and then New Year’s Day. It’s amazing to think that I am a little over a month away from putting my Christmas tree up. I guess it feels weird because it has been so warm. I’m used to it being cool by now, but we’ve been in the 80s consistently since we moved here. After the hurricane blows through, we are supposed to get some fall air. I am going to miss summer. :'(

Well, I should take my walk and get my shower taken. I will try to get back here and update in the next week or so. School starts back up on Monday, so I need to get disciplined again…

Susan October 10, 2018 at 5:03 pm

Hi Tammy, I a glad you won’t be in the way of the hurricane. We are watching it on the news. My days fly by everyday and I am retired! We will decorate for Christmas early this year inside because of our vacation. I hope you stop by and visit soon. Hugs

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