Another Month Down

by Tammy on November 4, 2018

Happy November 5th. Obviously nothing new and exciting has happened lately, but time continues to fly by. I celebrated my six month anniversary at my job on Friday by doing nothing exciting. I did get a standing desk, though. Well, technically it belongs to a work mate, but she doesn’t like it so she asked me if I wanted to try it out since I am on the list for one. I absolutely love it. I spent all day Wednesday and Thursday and almost all day Friday standing. I am not sure if I will be allowed to keep it since it isn’t technically my turn to have one, though. If she tells HR that she doesn’t like it, then they may come take it and give it to whoever is next on the list. I guess I will just have to see what happens. I will miss it if they take it away, though. :-(

Work has been pretty busy. We’ve had quite a few requests, plus I am working on three projects right now, so there is plenty to do. Dan and I have been walking pretty much every night, so I get close to 8000 steps every day. Yesterday I got over 16,000 because I was in the kitchen cooking all morning, then we went and took a long walk on the beach, and then before the Alabama football game last night we took our normal walk. I was really wired last night for some reason, so I didn’t go to sleep until after midnight. I appreciated the extra hour of sleep this morning.

A week from tomorrow I get to take my floating holiday, which will be nice because I’m sure I’ll be working last-minute on my assignments that are due next Monday. I am already behind on one assignment. After I finish this post, I have to work on it. If I get it done today, I will feel very accomplished. I also have to clean house because Ben’s friend is coming to stay with us for a few days. Ben finally got a job. He is working as a housekeeper at the now Lodge hotel on the beach. The first few days were rough for him because they were still putting rooms together (they just opened on November 1st and he started on October 30th, but now that he is doing his normal job, he seems much happier.) I am just happy that he will have benefits since he fell off our insurance on the 31st.

I can’t believe that Thanksgiving is only a couple of weeks away. I have not done much planning this year. I decided to buy a turkey breast for those who are not strictly vegan and I will just cook up a lentil loaf or something like that for myself. I will make everything else vegan friendly. I bought vegan sausage for the dressing and I will use almond milk for the mashed potatoes. I might take some out for myself and then add in some butter for the non-vegans. I get the Wednesday before Thanksgiving off work, which will be nice because it will allow me to precook and make a trip to the grocery store if I find that I forgot something. I am going to try a homemade quick bread that I found a video for on YouTube. It looks really yummy and it’s just flour, yeast, water, and a smidgen of salt. Then of course there will be sweet potatoes and cranberry sauce. I might make some whole cranberries for myself. April likes the jellied kind. I am not a fan. The only other thing I need to figure out is gravy. I might just buy packets and use creamed corn on my mashed potatoes.

I haven’t decided yet when I will put my Christmas tree up. I think I might do it Friday or Saturday after Thanksgiving. It is going to be set up in my dining area, which is easy to see from everywhere I hang out. I am excited to spend my first Christmas in my new house. I was thinking about buying a second tree for my back porch, but I might hold off on that until next year. I’ll see how motivated I am later this month.

Well, I really should get going on my paper, but before I go, can I please ask for prayer? My best friend at work, Billie, who is April’s age and has a two year old daughter, just found out last week that her husband has esophageal cancer. It is a very bad cancer and he will require radiation, chemo, and surgery. On top of that, her husband does not have medical insurance, so they have a tough road ahead of them. We are planning fundraisers and other ways to help them financially, but at this point they are more concerned about his healing. The PET scan is tomorrow, so hopefully they will know more about the extent of the cancer shortly after that. The both have a very strong faith in the Lord, which will definitely sustain them through this very difficult time. Thank you in advance for lifting Billie and Mark up to the Lord.

Have a blessed week!

Susan November 4, 2018 at 10:53 pm

Hi Tammy, I was happy to see you visit. I miss our daily chats so tag me whenever you can. I am glad Ben got a job with insurance! I can’t imagine standing up all day but I like the idea of it. We could not have them at our work because they were so expensive. We leave the day after Thanksgiving. We are planning to go our for brunch on Thanksgiving since we will be busy packing. I have a tree up in the family room all year. I also have a small one up in the bedroom. We plan to put the large tree next weekend. I will start packing fall away this week and decorating for Christmas will come after that. I think you should put one up on your porch. Then you can post some pictures.

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