Awesome Weekend (So Far)

by Tammy on November 17, 2018

I tried to get here last weekend to post, but I guess I couldn’t collect my thoughts because it didn’t happen. I had a long weekend because of Veteran’s Day and then I only had to work three days this week because yesterday was our Fall Bash at Gulf State Park. We had record low high temps last week, so I was concerned that it was going to be really cold yesterday, but it was gorgeous! Yes, it was chilly and I did wear my coat the whole time (I’m talking my winter coat, lol), but it was sunny with a very light breeze, and the Gulf looked more like a lake than the ocean, so April, her co-worker Adam, and I walked quite a ways along the shoreline. I took a video of some dolphins and I will post it on YouTube so I can link to it here. I posted it on Facebook too. I also found some neat seashells for a change. Normally the shells are pretty picked over, but I actually even found some tiny sand dollars. I’ve never found anything except busted up big ones.

We were allowed to go home at 2:00 p.m. instead of 3:00, so I dropped April back at her car, and as I was on my way home, she called me to tell me that she found a stray dog. We took him to the vet but he does not have a microchip, so I am trying to get in touch with a dog rescue to take him. He and the birds want to get each other, and I am not sure who would win that battle. Anyway, after we got him settled in and I got the birds put to bed, Dan and I went to eat at Picnic Beach. It is a vegan friendly restaurant–probably the only one in town. It had a special on its Philly Cheese steak sandwiches, and the vegan version was REALLY good. Even Dan was super impressed. Picnic Beach has meatless Monday specials every week, so Dan and I are going to try to make it every week. The restaurant is relatively new (less than a year old), and I really want it to succeed.

A week ago yesterday I finally had my 90 day review. My supervisors called it a 90 day review of my 90 day review, lol. Anyway, it went very well. They said that I am exceeding their expectations and they expect very good things from me. Too bad I don’t get a raise. :p I really do enjoy my job. I was telling Dan today that that I have dreaded going to almost every job I’ve had in my life, but going to work does not feel like going to work now. The first time I worked at CSU, I was only there for about five months, but I could not wait to not have to work there. This time around, I do not feel that at all. This coming week we only work Monday and Tuesday, we we will probably have a very heavy load both days, especially considering we will be down at least two specialists both days and maybe three on Tuesday. I’m sure we will get everything done, though.

So, update on the dog situation. I was getting ready to leave to get my hair done when the rescue lady called me. She arranged it so that we could drop the dog back off at the vet’s office we took him to yesterday. It is nice to have a peaceful house again; everyone is more relaxed.

Well, I think I’m going to call it a night and try to get to bed a bit early. I hope that you all have a very happy Thanksgiving. The older I get, the more I realize just how much I have to be thankful for!

Click HERE for the beach video.

S November 19, 2018 at 10:51 am

Hi Tammy, I enjoyed our beach video. When we went on a catamaran in Maui in 2013, there were dolphins all around us. I have seen them off our pacific coast. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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