Odd Days

by Tammy on December 1, 2018

The first day of December is nearly in the books, but I thought I’d come and post really quickly before heading to bed. I thought about coming earlier, but I started trying to clean the house so that I could work on my Christmas decorating. I got my tree up earlier this week but it still has no ornaments on it. Well, I don’t know what happened to the day, but I got very little done. I turned on football and worked on cleaning the kitchen and mopping my floors, but it rained all day and was so humid that my floors were wet all day long. Dan finally brought a fan out to get some air circulating. It is not warm enough to turn the air conditioner on and it is not cold enough to turn the heat on, so I’ve had my door open all day. Even in the summer I do not think it was ever quite this humid–at least my floors never felt wet like this. Anyway, we ended up getting nearly three inches of rain according to Weather Bug, and right now we are sitting at 71 degrees, which is pretty crazy for December 1st, even in Alabama. I know that my rain gauge is pretty full. It had some rain from last week’s storm in it, but I sort of remember how full it was, so tomorrow I will check it out to see how much we actually got.

Part of the day I just sat in my chair with my birds in my hand. I do not get to spend much time with them now that it gets dark so early. By the time I get home from work, the sun has already set and they are ready for bed, so they want to be with me on the weekends. And then I cooked black bean and mushroom chili for dinner, and that seemed to take a long time, so my day just totally got away from me, but now looking back, it has felt like a really long day. I can’t explain it.

Yesterday after work April and I went shopping. We went to Big Lots and bought Christmas decorations for our cubicles. Then I went to Walmart and bought some Christmas sweaters. I got rid of all my old ones years ago because I never wore them. It’s starting to look very Christmasy at work, and it is getting to the point where we won’t be working too hard. This Wednesday we have a food day, Friday we have a department Christmas party, a week from Friday is the company Christmas party, and then the following week starts Christmas break for students, so we won’t have many papers coming in. I guess that will be my opportunity to catch up on my projects. I had plans to make progress on a couple of them yesterday, but things totally didn’t pan out and I ended up getting almost nothing done. It’s been an odd couple of days.

Well, this day is about over. It’s 10:00 and I need to put my chili in the fridge and hit the bed. Sorry for the boring post, but I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday!

Susan December 8, 2018 at 6:31 am

Hi Tammy! You all decorated now? Going to share any pictures. I hope too this week. I am so behind! Enjoy your weekend. Hugs

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