Merry Belated Christmas and Happy New Year

by Tammy on December 26, 2018

I hope y’all had a very merry Christmas! It’s hard to believe that the New Year is just one week away. I was thinking back on this year this morning and I realized that this is the first year in many that I have not said I will be glad when it is over. Between all the drama with my marriage and all the deaths in my family over the past four years, every one of those years were years I couldn’t wait to get behind me. This was a very eventful year: April’s new job and move, our move and new house, my new job, and Ben’s new job, but even though there was a lot of stress, it was good stress and the end result made me happier than I have been in many, many years. This was the first year I wasn’t stressed out about Christmas, because I knew it would just be the four of us with nowhere else to be and no expectations. I sat in my chair and FaceTimed with Matt for a long time last night as April and Ben played a video game, and I felt completely content and happy. I love my life and wouldn’t trade it for anything. God has blessed me richly and I am beyond thankful!

Today is the last of my five days off. I am going shopping with April a little bit later. I started crocheting again and I want to pick up some supplies to make a few cute animals I found patterns for. I have been crocheting bags for April to give to her work friends. She was going to do it herself with some guidance from me, but she hasn’t crocheted for years and never really learned when I was teaching her, so I had a feeling I would end up making them for her. They go pretty quick, but I had to make five, so it took a minute overall. I found a cute snowman that i am going to attempt, so I need polyfill and safety eyes. I also want to get some stitch markers. I’ve been using a piece of yarn, but actual makers would be easier to work with I think. I would like to get my last case assignment written today, and that will leave me with just my four SLPs to complete over the next week and a half, which should be a piece of cake if I hunker down this weekend and just write them. I am thankful for the extra week we’ve been given to complete assignments. I have not been at all motivated this session and I am not sure why. I guess maybe I just don’t feel like I’ve had any down time time the move and so I take it when I can get it, which is when I should be writing my papers. I am hopeful that next term is more productive for me.

And on that note, it is time to get busy. I hope you all have a wonderful New Year and I will see you in 2019! <3

Susan December 31, 2018 at 12:53 am

Hi Tammy, it was a good year for me too. I am blessed to be able to be retired and enjoy my family. I have been so busy that I am way behind in blogging. I hope to catch up tomorrow. I hope you are enjoying your warm weather. We are at the high 30’s at night and Tuesday it will only be 59 which is unusual for us. But I like it cold cause I have lots of warm clothes to wear! Happy New Year! Hugs

Lori December 31, 2018 at 8:52 am

Hi Tammy! I am glad it was a better year for you! I am not wishing the year over either. I have had years like that also.
Your Christmas sounds very peaceful. I am always happy to be with family, but it is stressful for Josh with his anxiety. He has seemed better since Christmas is over.
I hope you have a great year at work and enjoy that beach for me! Happy New Year! ((BIG HUGS)!!!

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