What a Year!

by Tammy on December 31, 2018

I have spent the past hour or so reading through old posts from right before and after our move. I am thankful that I have documented everything here, although there is so much that did not get recorded. Still, I can transport myself back to that time and remember what I was thinking and feeling, and it is interesting that despite the fact that I was so tired and Dan was so grumpy, the excitement and joy kept me going. Now I have been settled into my home and job for nearly eight months and life seems so normal, but it is a happy normal. Today is New Year’s Eve and it is 70° and I have my door open and the birds are sitting on the back porch. Last night Dan and I went for a walk and he was wearing a t-shirt and bugs and frogs were singing. There are still flowers and citrus fruit on our neighbor’s trees. Tonight in Omaha the wind chill is supposed to be in the negative range and my furnace isn’t even running. It is supposed to cool down a bit later this week, but I will happily take low to mid 50s on my birthday over the usual single digits, teens, 20s, and 30s that I have endured my entire life. I was born during an ice storm. I just did a search for weather on the day of my birth and the high temperature was 35° with snow and ice pellets and there were five inches of snow on the ground. I sure do not miss THAT mess!

I am looking forward to what 2019 holds. Dan and I will be empty nesters this year. Ben is moving into a two bedroom apartment with April in February. It might be short lived, though, unless Ben gets a better paying job between now and then. I mentioned in a previous post that April is interested in a guy. He had been dating a girl who works in the next set of cubicles over from me for years and they had bought a house together, but they broke up in the fall, which was quite a shock to me. Well, since then a lot has happened. She asked to be taken off the mortgage and is looking to move to Pensacola in February. Apparently she is even looking for a new job. Anyway, April and Landon started hanging out a lot after they broke up, and even though April had considered Landon off-limits, he effectively wooed her. Landon’s ex-girlfriend just found out a couple of days ago what the extent of their friendship really is, and she was understandably upset, but she did text April and told her that she is OK with it. April was very worried because she is not the kind of person who swoops in and steals other people’s boyfriends. I never thought she’d even have a boyfriend! I am very happy for her because I do not want her to be alone, but I understand her desire to take things slow so as not to hurt her friend. Anyway, I have a feeling that next year, after the lease is up, April will probably move into Landon’s house. It would not at all surprise me if they get married. Their personalities are so compatible, and it is obvious that he adores her.

Other than that, I am looking forward to spending a lot of time at the beach and just generally enjoying life this year. My prayer for my friends is that this year is filled with health and happiness and that we never take for granted God’s grace and mercy. Happy New Year, my friends! <3 <3 <3

Susan January 2, 2019 at 12:48 am

Happy New Year Tammy! I pray it will all work out for April and her new love. It has been really cold here for us. Our high today was 59! Our low will be 34. I finally broke down and turned on the heater only because Renee was freezing and Jr said it was time. I sleep much better with it off. It really bothers my sinuses. We have her kids for the next 2 weeks while they are on break. Lord willing you and I will meet again.

Pam Moore January 4, 2019 at 8:32 pm

Hi Tammy
Happy New Year!!! It is so nice catching up with you! Have a lovely weekend.

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