Another Class in the Books

by Tammy on March 25, 2019

I can hardly believe that March is almost over. At the end of April, we will have lived in Alabama for a year. We are well settled into our new routine, and I’ve adjusted to being an empty nester. Ben seems to like living in his apartment, and he is essentially living alone since April spends a good amount of time at her boyfriend’s house. He doesn’t mind, though. In July, April, her boyfriend, and I are going to visit my mom in Omaha. We are going to try to cram a lot into a few days. April wants to go to Worlds of Fun in Kansas City, we will make a trip to the zoo, and perhaps take in a Storm Chasers game. That is on top of spending time with my mom. I think we might leave on Tuesday and head back on Sunday. I’ll probably take the next day off work so I can recuperate and spend some time with Dan before diving back into work. I kind of hate to burn my whole vacation to go to Omaha, but I guess I need to do what I need to do.

This past weekend I hunkered down and finished my seventh doctoral class. I have four more core classes and then I’ll start the dissertation phase. It’s hard to believe I have made it this far. I seriously considered quitting a couple of times, and Jasper’s death made it really hard to get through this session, but I’ve come too far to quit now. Another year of classes and then a couple of sessions to write the dissertation and I’ll be able to write my own ticket. I haven’t decided if I will work while in the dissertation phase. Dan suggested I try to get a job teaching at either CSU or Waldorf. I have a year to see how it all goes.

Since I won’t have school to worry about this weekend, I plan to get some serious cleaning done. My house isn’t in shambles by any stretch of the imagination, but it does need a good thorough cleaning. I want to give the bathrooms a really good scrubbing, mop all the floors, and vacuum all the carpets. I am also going to move the birds into Ben’s old room because we are going to turn the bird’s current room into a workout room. Dan bought a small home gym and he is going to cancel the gym membership he bought but has never used. I hate to say I told you so…

I also want to wash my car and clean out the inside this weekend. My car doesn’t normally get very dirty, but the pollen is horrible right now and I have a layer of it on my car. Plus I have sand inside from out beach trips. I also need to swap out my hurricane sticker for the new one for this year. So I have plenty to keep me busy. I wish the weekends lasted longer. I enjoy going to work, but I think I will appreciate working from home. I miss the freedom of going to the grocery store in the middle of the day and being able to run errands when other people are at work, lol.

Speaking of errands, it’s time to put the birds to bed and go grocery shopping. That was on my agenda for the weekend, but I got rolling on school and didn’t want to stop, so I really need to go tonight. I hope you all have a wonderful new week!

Susan April 1, 2019 at 10:36 am

Hi Tammy, thanks for tagging me. I enjoyed my visit here today. Sounds like you are as busy as I am. That is good that you will get to see your mom. Do you think wedding bells will be ringing soon? If you don’t have to work, then don’t. I love being retired. I just did a lot post at my blog will all the reading/studies I am doing. I thought I should start off the month with a blog update because I know I will be busy like you. Happy Spring!

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